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Dealing With Anger Issues

Feeling angry is a natural human response to certain life experiences, and occurs when we feel deceived, insulted, frustrated or under attack. Although we have learnt to express anger from an early age, at times our anger can become excessive. When anger gets out of control, it can turn destructive and will have a great […]

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Dealing With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very difficult situation to escape from. As a victim, you may try to explain away the problem, instead of dealing with it, even making excuses for your abuser. You may blame yourself or feel, in some way, that you deserve the abuse, or cause it to happen. This of course is […]

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Curing Depression

Depression or feeling low can make you have an extremely bleak outlook on your quality of life. Sometimes normal everyday activities make you feel anxious, isolated and alone. We can all go through spells of having `down days`, but when you are depressed, you feel constantly sad for weeks or months rather than a few […]

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3 Tips To Self Trust

“ EVERYONE IN YOUR LIFE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BETRAY YOU “ They may leave you…cheat on you…lie to you…disappoint you. We can never fully count on another person 100%, so it does stress the importance of being able to trust the one person we CAN count on……  “OURSELVES” 3 Tips To Self Trust: 1) Avoid […]

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Stress Busters

Everybody has some stress in their life, but some people get more stressed than others, and sometimes the little things you stress over, build up and then this can cause the start of more severe stress which leads to depression. There are a few things to remember, which can help stop stress building to something […]

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