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The Stresses of Debt

Unfortunately, it can be very easy to slide into debt. Unwise decisions, unaffordable lifestyles and turning a blind eye to financial problems are all reasons debt spirals out of control. Sometimes debt can come unexpectedly when life, as unpredictable as it is, takes a turn for the worst and presents expensive bills. The fact is, we live in a culture where things are costly and borrowing is easy.

When debt spirals out of control, the personal impact can be devastating. People with debt problems often describe feeling utterly powerless, ashamed and scared for the future.

Whilst debt management services can be useful for sorting out the paper work and practicalities of the debt, not all organisations can offer the emotional support required to tackle personal demons.

It is easy to become unhappy, stressed and ill when you are worried about debt all the time.

Having very little money is hard enough, but actively owing others money that you don’t have, adds a whole new dimension to the stress.

Debt worries can lead to the breakdown of a relationship, problems at work and the development of serious mental health problems including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drug/alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts.

A flood of feelings associated with money worries are secrecy, dishonesty, guilt, stress and resentment. All these can take their toll on even the happiest of couples.

If you find yourself in big financial trouble and you are feeling as though it is controlling your life, then you may need to seek some counselling to help you with the emotional aspects of the problem, making you stronger in yourself to then deal with the practical side of the problem.

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