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Dealing With Post Natal Depression

Bringing a baby into the world is generally considered a time of happiness. Many parents go through a period of exhaustion, shock and stress following the birth of their baby, and may initially feel emotional and tearful as they come to terms with such a life changing experience.

“The Baby Blues” is very common among new parents and usually only lasts a few weeks.

However, for some, the baby blues develops into a much deeper and longer form of depression known as Post Natal Depression.

A few common signs of Post Natal Depression

1. A persistent feeling of sadness and low mood

2. Loss of interest in everyday life

3. Not enjoying spending time with your baby

4. Getting tearful for no apparent reason

5. Overwhelming sense of worthlessness, guilt and despair

6. Feelings of hostility towards your baby or partner

7. Having frightening, negative thoughts about your baby

Counselling for post natal depression provides a safe,non judgemental outlet for sufferers to talk about their thoughts and feelings. It will help to guide you through your emotions, enabling you to understand the nature of your post natal depression, and learn to change your thoughts and behaviour, so you can enjoy being a parent.