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Dealing With Anger Issues

Feeling angry is a natural human response to certain life experiences, and occurs when we feel deceived, insulted, frustrated or under attack. Although we have learnt to express anger from an early age, at times our anger can become excessive.

When anger gets out of control, it can turn destructive and will have a great impact on your life, affecting your career, your relationships and your well being.

Anger management is designed to help individuals learn how to control their anger more effectively and lesson the impact their anger problems are having on their lives.

Different ways that people express and feel anger :

Impulsive Anger

Explosive bursts of anger, which is common among those who have a short fuse.

Intentional Anger

People who use their anger to intimidate, hurt and bully others, in order to get what they want.

Hidden Anger

When people are aware they are angry but choose to suppress it and hide it from others.

Buried Anger

When people are unaware that they are angry, but are experiencing common side effects, such as anxiety and depression.

Habitual Anger

People who can find something to be angry about every single day.

Anger issues can be triggered by a variety of factors. By coming along to anger management counselling, I can help you to open up about your issues and triggers and then discuss ways of handling your unwanted anger.