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Couples Counselling

Couples counselling can help you to rekindle the relationship that you once had, and put it back on track.

Many couples struggle with their relationship, whether its because….

1) They find themselves arguing constantly, and feel like nothing gets resolved.

2) One or both of them feel insecure, needy or jealous.

3) There is baggage from past relationships which cause friction between them.

4) There is a betrayal of trust ( cheating/infidelity )

5) Criticising and forever blaming each other, and many other problems big or small.

I have experience in providing counselling for people who are struggling with problems in their relationship. I can help you to build your relationship back up again, one where you can relate to each other in a healthy way, creating a safe, loving, supportive, secure and satisfying relationship with one another.

Couples who come to me for counselling are able to listen to each other, with no outside interruptions, learning to improve their communication skills with each other, which in turn will help them to understand their partners point of view.

We can then work through any issues you may have between you.

The first step to improving your relationship, is agreeing to come to see me for help.