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3 Tips To Self Trust


They may leave you…cheat on you…lie to you…disappoint you.

We can never fully count on another person 100%, so it does stress the importance of being able to trust the one person we CAN count on……  “OURSELVES”

3 Tips To Self Trust:

1) Avoid people who undermine your self trust:

The people who undermine your self trust are the ones who `use you` or don’t want you to succeed.

While you probably didn’t have control over having negative people in your life when you were a child….you have control today!

Think about the individuals that surround you. Do they support you? Do you really want them in your life?

Surround yourself with people you trust. The more you feel connected/comfortable and safe with certain people, the more comfortable you will feel with yourself.

2. Keep promises to yourself:

Developing self trust also includes becoming your own best friend, that includes keeping promises to yourself. -  making a commitment, believing in it and keeping to it, builds trust.

3. Speak kindly to yourself:

When you “knock” yourself, whose voice are you hearing? (a parent, a teacher or someone who sent you a message that you weren’t good enough) We can all have these voices in our head. Fortunately, this is a habit you can reduce or even eliminate.

For instance, the next time you make a mistake and think “ you’re so stupid”, catch yourself and instead say “that’s OK, it was just a small slip up, or OK I’ve made a big mistake but I’ll learn from it.

Being understanding toward yourself when you make a mistake helps you to be more understanding towards others when they do the same. Its not about perfection but means that you can trust yourself to overcome a slip up or failure

Trust is the heartbeat of every significant relationship….. with YOURSELF as well as with others.